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Car Accident Terms You Need To Know

Posted on : July 27, 2017


Car accidents are never a fun situation to be involved in. Not only could you end up injured, upset, and scared, but you could also have to deal with many accident terms that you are unfamiliar with. You should familiarize yourself with these terms before you end up in an accident. Knowing what certain terms mean will help you in the legal and medical process after the accident. Here are some of the most important car accident terms you need to know.


When you are in an accident you may hear the term liability more than once. This term refers to who is responsible for the accident. Let’s say someone rear-ended your vehicle while you were at a red light. The individual at fault would be liable for paying your damages because they were in the wrong. If there are multiple drivers at fault, the liability would be split up between drivers. Insurance companies play a big role in liability, and if you hire an accident attorney they will fight for the compensation you deserve. 

Emergency Medical Condition (EMC)

An Emergency Medical Condition, or EMC for short, is a term used for insurance and legal purposes to state that an individual was severely injured and needs treatment. Those who are left with injuries that can cause harm to the individual if left untreated will be familiar with this term. Insurance companies usually pay large medical bills for patients with EMC. Also, when seeking a doctor to receive treatment, make sure the doctor you pick covers EMC cases. 


The term damages refers to the amount of damage caused to the vehicles involved in the accident. Damages can also include the amount of pain a person received. When discussing damages in a legal or insurance standpoint, it will determine the amount of money to be awarded to the injured party. This compensation will help pay for damage to their vehicle and medical expenses.  


When a driver is not paying attention, or obeying the rules of the road, they are expressing negligence. Drivers who are at fault for an accident will be accused of negligence for not driving carefully and causing the accident in the first place. If there are any damages in the accident, the negligent driver will be held responsible. 


After you’ve been in an accident the term settlement will come up often. A settlement is an agreement between all parties involved in the accident. This agreement will state that one or both parties will pay compensation to the other. Some settlements can take place without legal action. Larger accidents that are handled by personal injury attorneys could take weeks to years to come to an agreeable settlement with insurance companies.

Total Loss

Unfortunately, many insurance companies only will cover a certain amount of the damages caused to your vehicle. When your vehicle is determined to be irreparable or exceeds the insurance policy, it will be declared as a total loss. This term is intimidating because it means your car is no longer at a marketable value. Though your car may be running still, it will not be worth much money at all if sold. Many older vehicles are declared as a total loss after an accident because of their age. 

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