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Cars of the Future

Posted on : May 10, 2013

Cars of the Future

Future cars are definitely going to rock the road. Technology is paving the way for a road revolution. With energy saving features, flying capabilities, computer and satellite navigation; futuristic cars will transform your day into a driving adventure. Accidents will probably decrease as roads get filled with cars. Empty roads are the ones usually so lethal. Just don’t forget careless drivers will still live in the future therefore accidents will still happen and you’ll have to call 411-PAIN or any other lawyer referral service when breaking the rules of the road.

Let’s start with energy. Fossil fuels are getting out of style. We are moving closer to greater horizons.  Petroleum monopolies don’t want you to believe so and would love to convince you otherwise but reality tells a different story. Hybrid fuel vehicles and electric cars are becoming more and more common. Hybrid engines are smaller and more efficient than traditional fuel engines. But there are other options. If you like airplanes you can try PAL-V. This unbelievable car flies. It only requires a very short space for takeoff and landing so you can land almost anywhere. Rotors fold nicely while on the ground. That means you still get to drive old-fashioned in the future.  Remember after an accident, call 911 then 411 PAIN.

What about self-driven cars or cars that operate through satellite? Scientists in Berlin built a smart mini-van which is controlled completely by computers. It can also be driven conventionally.  The car has censors that recognize pedestrians, cars, motorcycles, and other road users. Google has some nice self-driven vehicles as well. BMW has reinvented them. These cars are supposed to reduce accidents, ease congestion, and increase fuel economy. Congested cities in Florida such as Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Gainesville, Ocala, Orlando, Tampa, Clearwater, Fort Myers, Naples, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami will finally enjoy accident-free roads. Self-driven BMW’s are expected to be out in a few years.

Are you tired of driving? Don’t worry about it. The future provides you with many options. You can either fly, become drive-less or safe the environment by purchasing a hybrid car. 411-PAIN will still be here for you if you run into a road dilemma.

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