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Traffic and Sandy Parking

Posted on : May 7, 2013

Traffic and Sandy Parking

It’s quite stressful finding parking space at the beach especially during the summer. Pioneers used horses and buggies, we use cars. However, beach traffic and finding parking space will always remain a troublesome experience. Rates on street parking meters are no longer an economical option. Listening to the sound of waves could be very pricy. Also, besides having the ultimate scenic drive, getting to the beach safely in Florida it’s quite a challenge. 

The sounds of traffic and occasional car accidents are inevitable in our modern world. Call 411-PAIN if you are a victim of a negligent driver. Even most conservative Florida drivers spend about 50 hours or more stuck in traffic each year. Traffic jams are not only annoying but also very costly. Maybe there are too many people living in Florida or perhaps too many trips to the beach. The truth is the sunshine state ranks high in traffic congestion. Call 411 PAIN if you need to fight a traffic ticket. Remember after an accident, call 911 then 411 PAIN.

Imagine driving for an hour to get to your fun destination and then after arriving there you realize there has been a large increase in parking fees. It can be quite disturbing having to pay a parking meter. Although we should, many of us don’t carry petty cash with us. That’s why you should always find out about fees in advance and don’t rely on the internet. Many times fees have not been updated on the site. Call and find out ahead of time so you have time to be prepared. Driving on the Beach in Daytona Beach, for example, costs $5.00. Other beaches could cost more than that. The current parking meter rates in Miami Beach are $1.75 per hour. Special events might cost as high as $20.00. Parking garages in the area are about $1 per hour.

Large cities in Florida such as Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando, Jacksonville, Sarasota, Pembroke Pines, Fort Lauderdale, Gainesville, West Palm Beach, Port Saint Lucy, Cape Coral, Pensacola and Tallahassee: capital city of the state of Florida, experience traffic jams on a daily basis. 411 PAIN handles auto accident claims in all these cities.

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