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Ciara Involved in car accident/tips while driving pregnant

Posted on : March 13, 2017

R&B singer Ciara was involved in a car accident in Los Angeles on Friday, TMZ reports. The singer was making turn in her white Mercedes-Benz SUV when another driver, also driving an SUV, crashed into the passenger side of the singer’s vehicle. Ciara is in her third trimester of pregnancy and was seen holding her shoulder and chest after the accident. TMZ that first reported the accident showed the singer was talking on the phone immediately following the accident. E! News confirmed that neither Ciara nor the other driver sustained any injuries. Her husband Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson went on his twitter to tweet “Momma Wilson & Baby Wilson are feeling great! God is good!”.

Modern life requires pregnant women to drive and by doing so they must accept a greater danger of injury in a crash. Here are a few tips for driving pregnant safely:

1. Minimize the need to drive
As your pregnancy progresses and belly gets closer and closer to the steering wheel. If you must travel, plan the route to allow for safe breaks (toilet and leg-stretching) and let others know your travel plans. You should also think about your safety and comfort when entering and loading things into your vehicle.

2. Drive carefully
Collisions can be reduced significantly by pregnant women following general driving tips, such as refraining from tailgating by following the three-second rule, avoiding cellphone use, reducing speed and considering using public transport.

3. Wear your seat belt at all times
The belt will have no adverse effect on your pregnancy, though it may protect you and your child. When pregnant, allow the waist strap to rest below the bump, low and snug on your hipbones. The shoulder strap should slide effortlessly across the chest. Never wear the belt across or above your belly. Always use the shoulder belt, which should fit snugly between your breasts.

4. Position yourself correctly
Move your seat as far back as is comfortable and tilt it slightly away from the steering wheel. Try to position yourself at least 25cm from the steering wheel. Also, make sure the steering wheel is tilted toward your breastbone rather than toward your abdomen. Avoid leaning forward.

5. Stop driving at the best time
As you get closer to your due date, it’s a good idea to reduce driving. Freedom, independence and your sales bonus are tough to give up but you should only drive when absolutely necessary. As you enter your third trimester, take a back seat to the safety of you and your child. Although there is no hard-and-fast rule, most women tend to stop driving around 30 weeks. You should also consider when to start driving again after giving birth.

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