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Road Hazards On The Highway

Posted on : March 13, 2017

Road hazards occur every day. They can happen unexpectedly while doing your regular daily commute. You may get a flat tire, have a car part malfunction, or have something unexpected happen to cause you to pull over. Do you know how to handle a road hazard situation? Here are a few safety tips to take if you ever find yourself stuck on a highway with a disabled vehicle:

– Only pull over on the shoulder of a highway if it is truly an emergency. Many deadly collisions occur with a parked car on the shoulder of a highway due to an incoming vehicle with an inattentive, drowsy, or impaired driver. Just because you are out of the way of traffic doesn’t mean you are safe. According to AAA, over 600 pedestrians are killed on highways in America every year.

– If you must pull over on the side of a highway, it is safer to be on the right shoulder than the left.

– Stay calm, use your emergency lights, and move the vehicle as much to the side of the road as far as you can get it from the lanes on the highway.

– Call roadside assistance

– If you can, it is better to move to a safer spot, such as a parking lot, even if you have to get there slowly.

– If you get a flat tire, don’t try to change it in an unsafe location or if you are too close to the highway. When vehicles are going 75 mph just a few feet or even inches away, it is never safe.

Remember, safety should always be your biggest concern. Although you may have an emergency or some hazardous situation occur, pulling over can be just as dangerous if not done properly.

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