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Common Dance Injuries

Posted on : May 1, 2018

With dancers taking over the internet over the weekend, you might think that dancing comes naturally to them. They make it so easy. It’s like they don’t have a bone in their body. If only that were true, there wouldn’t be dance injuries. And they’re not that pretty. Even though dance is seen as an art form, the physical aspects of the activity can lead to injuries that are similar to sport injuries. Since dance needs a lot of strength and control, the physical movements dancers demonstrate may get overused. In result, they can pop a shoulder, and many other factors. The most common injuries found within the dance world are related to the foot, ankle, knee and hip.

The foot and ankle injuries mostly happen in the dance world. Ankle sprains are the number one traumatic injury—which happens unexpectedly. This happens because of the ligaments inside the foot is overstretched that it may create a tear.

When it comes to knee injuries, dancers most likely receive jumper’s knee (patellar tendinitis). This is a type of overuse injury. Jumper’s knee happens when you constantly jump, land or change direction that strains the kneecap and damage the patella.

“Ow, my hip” can be said by a frequent dancer. There is a snapping hip syndrome in the dancer world. And it’s funny — because it frequently happens. This is also an overuse injury. It can either painful or painless. When a person gets a snap they’ll hear or feel a small click.

Have you ever heard of spondylolysis? This is another common injury that deals with the back pain. This happens when there is stress on the lower lumbar vertebrae, but in some cases in the vertebral arch. Both are part of the spine – which is literally the backbone to your body and how you function.

A study shows that dancing for more than five hours or more a day can increase the risk of stress fractures. Dancers can also get arthritis in the knee, hip, ankle and foot due to overuse or improper technique. It may also occur because of poor nutrients. Another study shows that dancers consumer less than 70-80% of calories. Good calories give us the energy need to move. Without it, the muscle and bones weaken; lessening the prevention of an injury.

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