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Do You Know About Diesel?

Posted on : May 3, 2018

Do you drive on diesel?

Diesel engines are not found in most cars. Instead, it’s most popular in boats, construction vehicles and buses. You can find these engines in certain vehicles such as Jeeps and Mercedes Benz. How are diesel-powered engines work? And what’s the difference between that and regular gasoline? Should you invest in a car with a diesel engine? If you are purchasing a car that has a diesel engine, here is a little information about it for you to understand your car a little better.

What is diesel fuel?

Diesel fuel is a type of distillate fuel. Before diesel contained a high amount of sulfur, which created air pollution emissions – making it harmful to people’s health. Yet, it is still possible to create a clean and efficient diesel engine. In 2006, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued requirements to reduce the amount of sulfur in the fuel. That’s why diesel had a bad reputation for some time.

Deisel engines are similar to gasoline engines because they are both internal combustion engines. However, they run differently. Diesel-powered engines are simpler. Air goes through the cylinder and the piston compresses it more than a regular gasoline engine. This makes it extremely hot. When the air is compressed, a mist of fuel is sprayed by an electronic fuel injection system. Since the air is so hot, it is enough for the fuel to spark and give the car the energy it needs. The fuel is a light oil that can lubricate the parts of the engine.

Other than having no spark plugs, what are the other benefits of diesel-powered engines?

Diesel-powered engines are known to be efficient and energy dense fuels since it contains more energy than gasoline. These engines are known to last longer and offer better fuel economy.

Though it is great for a couple of centuries, it will only happen if you take special care of the car. If an accident happens, it can get pricey. Parts of the engine can be expensive. Take into consideration that some stations do not carry diesel to reload and drive. And if there is one that caters to it, the price of fuel may be the same or higher than original gasses. Lastly, even though there are restrictions on the amount of sulfur — there is still some present. Therefore, it is not considered fully environmentally friendly.

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