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Common Places To Get In A Car Accident

Posted on : November 13, 2018

Where do you think most car accidents happen? Probably on the highway, right? Maybe even on busy streets. How about in traffic? Car accidents happen every single day – from the smallest scratch to a totaled car. Where do you think it hits the most? Have you ever heard the fact that most car accidents happen 10 minutes away from your house? That means an accident might be happening right outside your house. Here some of the most common areas where you can be a victim of a car accident.

  1. Stop Signs: You may not agree, many accidents happen at stop signs. ALWAYS SLOW DOWN AND STOP! The rule of thumb of stopping is to count 3 “mississippies” in order to give you time to check if any cars or pedestrians are heading your way. There have been multiple instances where cars don’t slow down or fully stop at a stop sign and have caused injury to those on the crosswalk. It’s especially important when night falls. Many people are still using the sidewalks, but it’s hard to point out because of the missing sunlight. Be aware of your surroundings during sundown on. At this time, there are more accidents than in the daytime.
  2. Parking Lots: Believe it or not, other accidents can happen at parking lots. How many times have you not looked into your mirror? Or how many times have you witnessed a minor accident? Bumping cars are more usual than you think it is. Think about it, when it comes to parking lots – how busy can it get? PRETTY BUSY! Think about an event or holiday season when spaces are taken up! People are constantly walking and vehicles are all over the place. Can you really squeeze through those two cars? Can you avoid all those that surround your vehicle? When it gets too crowded, but patient and always back up slowly.
  3. Two-Lane Roads: You wouldn’t think this area may cause injury because the directions are black and white: one side goes one way and the other side goes the opposite way. However, if you are the one behind a bus or a slow 18-wheeler, you would want to see if you can pass it. In these cases, people tend to drive on the other side of the road without even checking if there are in-coming cars. And if they do they might estimate the distance and timing wrong. Throw that in the collision mix!

Always be cautious when you are on the road to avoid an accident you wouldn’t want to be a part of.

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