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Common Types of Motorcycle Injuries

Posted on : March 19, 2018

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, “in 2013, two-wheeled motorcycles accounted for 93% of all motorcycles in fatal crashes.”

Here are the most common injuries you need to know:

Head Injury/trauma: this injury is known to be one of the top common injuries in motorists. Head injuries and trauma can cause a concussion or even traumatic brain injuries (TBI). About 10% of motorist suffer from TBI, and the results may leave you with a disability.

Road rash: this occurs when concrete rubs on exposed skin as the body skids on the pavement. If the clothing is thin enough, it can scrap through the clothing and damage the skin. Sometimes these injuries are just minor and need time to heal. But, if the skin is peeled—showing fat and tissue, you might need to undergo surgery.

Spinal injuries: most spinal injuries happened when a motorist is hit in the rear end. You can’t move your body or cannot work your body like you used too. In worse cases, it can cause physical paralysis.

Leg Injuries: the Center for Disease Control stated that about “30% of all non-fatal motorcycle injuries happen on the legs and feet.” Though these injuries may not be fatal at the moment, it still can grow into something worse. It can lead to bruises and fractured bones—if not checked can leave with a physical disability.

If you want to avoid these accidents, it’s best to practice motorcycle safety. Make sure to wear a helmet and proper gear when you ride. Every time you hop on a motorcycle, you’re taking a risk on the road.

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