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Concert Injuries: Is It Worth Filing A Claim?

Posted on : April 13, 2018

Concert or festivals are meant to be enjoyable. People invest their time attending these events because it’s a sense of leisure. Unfortunately, these events can cause some minor or major injuries. Usually, in concerts and festivals, there is a mixture of a crowd, booze, and loud music. That’s a call for destruction. When you head out to your event, keep an eye out for clues of threats or danger than lead you to an injury.

Most injuries at these events are trips and falls. Depending on where you are walking and how the crowd is can easily be an invite to a personal injury. If you’re within a building and there are stairs, you can be trampled on from a stampede of people. This can lead to having a bruise. Fights are also common in some cases due to the consuming of alcohol and the energy received from the festival. If not broken up quickly, can start a nasty brawl.

Can you file a claim?

It depends on the injury. If it’s something minor, like a bruise from a mosh pit or got hurt from crowd surfing—it most likely won’t be eligible for a claim. You must be suffering from an injury that you were not responsible for. For example, if you were too close to a prop on stage and it fell on your head that it gave you a head injury—a third party such as the stage manager can be held reliable.

Yet, there is a “foreseeability issue.” In events such as concerts and music festival, foreseeability plays a role. This means that someone with an ordinary level of intelligence that could’ve anticipated the danger created negligence.

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