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Pool Hazards You Should Know

Posted on : April 11, 2018

Don’t you love it when it’s sunny and you see the pool glistening with that blue-chlorine water? Many people love pools days, especially in the Sunshine State! Almost everyone has a pool. If you don’t take into consideration of the hazards before placing one in the backyard. Therefore, you’ll be able to take precautions before anyone gets hurt.

Drowning: it’s been known that drowning is the number one cause of injury or death within the pool area. Invest in a pool fence. Having a fence will help prevent a person from accidentally falling and drowning in the water.

Damages around the pool: before the pool is used, make sure you observe for any damage. For example, if there are railings installed and the steps seem to be broken keep the pool closed to prevent minor injuries.

Pool toys: children love their water guns and inflatable floats they can use in the water. Yet children love to house play. Make sure someone is supervising while the kids play around. Tell them to look out for kids on inflatable floats. If tipped over, it can be life-threatening to young pool-goers who don’t know how to swim.

For those who choose an inflatable pool, make sure that it is on stable ground and doesn’t have any punctured holes. Also, keep in mind to inflate it properly. Don’t go over the weight suggested by the manufacturer since it can easily collapse. When you are finished, clean out the water and make sure to check for any damages before using it again.

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