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Defensive Driving 101

Posted on : March 21, 2017

It can get crazy out there on the road. Whether it’s pouring rain or blinding sunlight, nature usually doesn’t care about your travel plans. Apart from the weather, there are some wild drivers out there. You’ve seen it before, people crossing three lanes at once to take the next exit, people driving 30 mph above the speed limit and others driving 30 mph below the speed limit. With all of those hazards out there, it’s important to keep yourself safe. One of the best practices to do exactly that is known as defensive driving. Defensive driving is a series of habits and tactics designed to get you home safely. Here are the most important: 

Expect the Unexpected

As mentioned earlier, anything can happen on the road. Instead of feeling caught off guard, get accustomed to the idea that anything can happen at any time. Stay alert and be prepared for everything from a deer in the road to torrential rain. You just never know. 

Maintain A Safe Distance 

The general rule of thumb is to stay one car length behind the car in front of you for every 10 mph you’re traveling at. In other words, if you’re on the freeway going 70 mph, you should allow 7 car lengths between you and the rear end of the car in front of you to allow a safe distance to brake and react should anything sudden happen. 

Do. Not. Text. 

This should be embedded in everyone’s minds by now but it can be easy to overlook how dangerous texting while driving can be. Texting requires you to take your eyes off the road while driving a 2,000-pound moving vehicle. Even if you look back in time to notice a road hazard, that split second spent staring at your screen can make all the difference. 

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