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Do Backup Cameras Improve or Hinder Safety?

Posted on : December 15, 2020

The automobile industry has significantly benefited from the technological advancements that have happened in the last decade. From backup cameras to remote starts to assisted steering, some cars can seem more like robots than a car. As of May 2018, federal law has required that all new passenger cars, trucks, vans and other vehicles weighing less than 10,000 pounds be equipped with rearview monitoring technology. Backup cameras will soon be a staple in all cars, and a feature that most people will probably rely on. However, some debate over whether or not backup cameras actually help or if they contribute to accidents. 

Advantages of backup cameras 

Backup cameras expand your vision beyond the review mirrors, allowing you to see below the vehicle and more of the peripherals. Rear-facing cameras also give the driver a much clearer and more accurate view of obstacles behind the car such as a curb or shopping cart; and most backup systems include a warning tone that lets you know when you’re getting too close to an object. NHTSA says that mandatory backup cameras will help prevent injuries and deaths, especially in young children who can walk behind vehicles unseen.

Almost all backup cameras feature on-screen guidelines: two parallel lines that help direct you into or out of parking spaces more easily. Some also feature a middle line that can help you keep the vehicle centered in the space. 

Disadvantages of backup cameras

Most backup cameras only provide an 80-degree field of view behind the vehicle. That leaves 280 degrees of view around the vehicle not accounted for if the driver is only looking at the back-up camera while performing the maneuver. The latest numbers from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration showed that back-over accidents had only gone down 8% percent (statistics from 2008 to 2011). 

The main concern with backup cameras is that people become dependent on them. Backup cameras can be convenient by providing a view you normally wouldn’t have, but they should be used in conjunction with looking side to side to ensure nothing is coming into your space. 

Steps to take while backing up: 

Frequently check mirrors and blind spots, scanning from left to right. Check the left blind spot by looking over your left shoulder, check the left side-view mirror, check in front of the vehicle, check the rearview mirror, check the back-up camera screen, check the right side-view mirror, check the right blind spot by looking over your right shoulder. Repeat this frequently while backing up.

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