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Do You Have to Replace a Car Seat After a Crash?

Posted on : April 17, 2017

So, you’ve just gotten into a car accident. You check to make sure that everyone is safe and thankfully, apart from some stress and shock, they seem fine physically. Your son or daughter is in the back, safe and sound in their car seat. It’s protected them from physical damage but it looks a little banged up. What to do next? 

Immediate Moments After Accident

If everyone is fine, you might ask if it makes sense to drive home with a damaged car seat. The answer is, if the car seat is in any way compromised, you should definitely avoid driving around your child until it’s replaced. A failure to do so leaves your kid open to serious injury. See if someone else with a working car seat will let you borrow theirs for a moment or figure out if you can have yours replaced as soon as possible. 

Replacing the Car Seat 

It’s better to be safe than sorry, so replace the car seat if there’s any structural damage. Car seats are only meant to sustain one major impact. A failure to replace a car seat can have dangerous consequences. If you’re unsure whether a car crash did minor, surface-level damage or major, structural damage to the car seat, call the manufacturer and ask them when it’s appropriate to replace the product. 


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