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Driving Resolutions for 2020

Posted on : January 7, 2020

Just like every other new year’s resolutions, we aim to be a better version of ourselves. It’s important to keep in mind that our resolutions don’t only have to focus on being better for ourselves, but for the world at large. A small step to take when it comes to having that great effect is to be more mindful on the road, when we’re around a slew of others, sharing and not sharing daily hardships, excitements and so on. What are some of the ways in which our driving can improve this year? Let’s break it down. 


Minimizing road rage is an effective way to begin our road to bettering ourselves. Road rage is proven to be stressful on our body and mind as well as causing disturbances to those around us. Taking deep breaths before during and after driving is one simple way of achieving this resolution. 


Avoiding distractions while on the road will greatly reduce your chances of getting into an accident. These distractions include texting/phone calls, putting makeup on, changing the radio station (just keep it on 411 Pain radio), and of course the main cause of accidents- driving under the influence. Keep your mind focused on getting to your destination while listening to our jingles!


Driving defensively by staying aware of the surrounding drivers and obstacles, and always keeping a distance suitable for avoiding an accident. Expect the unexpected while driving, but always keep your cool to avoid anxiety- which would be saved by deep breathing! 


411 Pain encourages you to take on these resolutions and incorporate them into your daily commute. There are many ways to reduce your risk of getting in an accident, add any of your own to tailor your resolutions to your own experience. 

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