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Are Fidget Spinners Dangerous for Kids?

Posted on : July 7, 2017

Fidget spinners are currently one of the hottest toys of the summer. These spinning, hand-held toys have become a favorite among kids. Recently, W.A.T.C.H. released its summer safety report, listing fidget spinners at the top of their most dangerous summer toys list. Even though this popular toy may seem harmless to parents, it can be a real danger to kids. Here are a few dangers of fidget spinners.

Easily Fall Apart

There have been many claims that fidget spinners can easily fall apart. These toys are designs to have a circle in the middle that spins the whole toy around quickly when twirled. Fidget spinners claim to release stress and help kids focus, though many schools have banned these toys because of the distraction they cause in the classroom. Children who play with these toys constantly will loosen up the pieces of the toy.  

Potential Choking Hazard

Since fidget spinners can easily fall apart, small children may place these pieces in their mouth. There have been two reported cases where young children have choked on this toy. One incident involving a young girl required surgery to remove the part. Parents who let small children play with this toy must be aware of how dangerous it could be. The product liability law requires that all products that are choking hazards must have a clear warning label on the front of the product.

Can Cause Lacerations

Fidget spinners can even cause lacerations. There have been a few reports of children receiving cuts while playing with this toy. Most fidget spinners are round at the ends, reducing the chances of a laceration to occur. Parents should know that there are fidget spinners that are sold in the shape of triangles or blades which can easily cut a child as it spins around. Fidget spinners with sharp ends are a serious danger for kids and can potentially be used as a weapon. 

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