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Monday Mood Booster: Part 10

Posted on : July 10, 2017

Having a rough day? We present to you our final installment of the mood booster series with additional tips. Make a great impact on your life by utilizing these tips and have a great week!


When everything seems as it’s closing in and you just feel frustrated with the blows that life is dealing, then grab a blanket and settle down in bed or on the couch and take a nap. If you are looking for a way to calm anxiety, reduce stress and perk up your brain power then turn to powering down and taking a 20-minute nap. You’ll take up refreshed and energized to keep your day going.

Hot Shower/ Bath

If your mood has sunken to a new low, just hop into the shower. Get the water warm or steaming and step into your new oasis. The hot water helps to improve your mood because the water acts similarly to a hug or embrace. Our natural instincts associate warmth to emotional and physical comfort. This is a natural and quick way to improve our mood.

Scent Therapy

Scents have a methodical way of calming your mind and it’s portable. You have the chance to use scent therapy everywhere and anywhere. Different scents could give you different results. We all know lavender is calming and has the power to help you sleep. The scent of citrus is known to provide a quick energy boost. Studies have shown that people have improved concentration when they are exposed to fragrances. Getting a diffuser is a great way to take advantage of this mood booster.

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