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Being Flexitarian

Posted on : August 11, 2017


Flexitarian is the combination of the words: flexible and vegetarian. What does this word even mean? We have more information on what it means to be a “Flexitarian”.

Flexitarian is the concept of eating mostly vegetables with a limited amount of meat, fish or poultry. Therefore, it’s similar to being vegetarian without the restriction to avoid meat.

Flexitarians are allowed to eat whatever meats they desire, however, the trick is to make sure that the plant-based diet is dominant while the meat-diet is secondary.

Paying specific attention to how much nutrients and vitamins that you’re providing to your body is also an essential part of this lifestyle. Eating the right foods to keep your body in its best shape is key.

This type of diet requires the dedication to staying away from processed and ultra-processed meats. This means that if a flexitarian chooses to have their small portion of meat, they will have to purchase the animal-product in its raw and true form.

Preferably, the meat should also be as high quality as possible, within the range of being pocket-friendly. Therefore, flexitarians would be searching out free-range chickens, grass-fed beef and wild-caught fish.

Through being a flexitarian, you would be able to eat healthier, reduce the demand for animal meats and help the environment.

The flexitarian lifestyle is encouraged for people with cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity. Improve your health by choosing to be a flexitarian.

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