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How to Deal with Morning Fog

Posted on : August 10, 2017

On an early morning in Florida, you may notice light or heavy fog outside your window. Fog occurs when the warm moist air comes in contact with lower temperatures resulting in fog. Though fog clears up as the sun comes out, it can be a serious danger to drivers on the road. Morning fog limits the visibility of drivers on the road and increases the chance of a vehicle accident to occur. Here are a few safety tips on how to deal with morning fog.

Turn on Headlights

Once you are in your car ready to head out on a foggy morning you must remember to turn on your headlights. Chances are that the sun is just starting to rise meaning you can hardly see the road. Headlights are used in foggy weather to increase a driver’s visibility of the road. Fog creates a cloudy layer in front of you making it hard to see other vehicles. When headlights are in use other drivers will be able to see you on the road through the fog.

Eliminate Distractions

When driving in foggy conditions you must keep your eyes glued on the road. Never let distractions such as your cell phone limit your attention. Most accidents that occur in foggy conditions occur because a driver is not paying attention to the road. Since your visibility is already very limited, it is not worth risking your life to answer a phone call or reply to a text while behind the wheel.

Follow the Lines

While you’re driving, you may notice the white or yellow lines painted on the floor to signal drivers where the lanes are. In foggy conditions, you may only be able to see a few feet in front of you. By paying attention to the lines on the street you can properly stay in your lane. Many times, drivers ignore these lines while driving in foggy weather and collide with another vehicle.

Slow Down

Though you may be running a few minutes late to work, you should never speed in foggy weather. If your speeding with little visibility of the road you may not see a car till it’s too late. It is better to be a safe driver that arrives to work a few minutes late than an unsafe driver that doesn’t arrive to work at all. Don’t take any chances in foggy weather. By putting your safety first, you can avoid getting into a serious accident.

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