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Foodtastic Friday: Anti-agers

Posted on : June 9, 2017

There are many foods out there that promote health but how many are there for anti-aging purposes?

We’ll give you the in depth information about foods that may help you appear and feel a lot younger.



Avocadoes carry plenty of antioxidants and they also have the healthy fats that your body needs. The mono-saturated fats help to lower cholesterol levels and are a great source of nutrition, which includes a healthy dose of fiber, potassium, vitamin E, folic acid, calcium, and magnesium. The high content of nutrients is able to help your weight, your skin, and your health.


According to studies conducted, scientists have discovered that blueberries helped test-lab rats live a longer life span. Rats that were given blueberries were more active in their old age compared to rats that were given other types of food. Blueberries are a great source of antioxidants, which help to mitigate age-related deficiencies such as memory loss and motor functions.

Green Tea

Green tea has a high source of antioxidants and protects your body from rapid aging. The Japanese have been drinking tea for a long time and they are shown to live longer lifespans. Green tea is able to delay skin aging, sun damage, and wrinkles. The Japanese usually consume 3-4 cups of green tea a day but you can take it a cup or two at a time to enjoy the benefits.

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