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Top 4 Most Important Traffic Signs

Posted on : June 8, 2017

Traffic signs are used to help keep drivers safe and provide them information while on the road. Each sign has an important meaning that must be followed to maintain order on the road. Though it’s crucial to know every street sign, here are 4 of the most important signs to know and follow.  

Stop Signs

Stop signs mean you must STOP your vehicle when you approach this sign. Many pedestrian and vehicle accidents occur at stop signs because of drivers who ignore them. When you see a stop sign, you should slow down and come to a complete stop before the solid white line on the road. It is necessary to look both ways and stop for 10 seconds to make sure your path is clear before driving off.

Speed Limit Signs

This sign is used to regulate the speed of every vehicle on the road. Each road has a different speed limit. If you are on a one-way street or residential road, this limit will be lower than on a highway. Make sure to always look for these signs and do not exceed the limit. By speeding over the limit, you increase the chances of a vehicle accident occurring.

Merge Signs

Merge signs are always necessary to pay attention to. This sign indicates that one of the lanes on the road is ending, so you must merge into the next lane. Many accidents occur from those who do not follow this sign. It is best to turn on your directional as soon as you see this sign. Once you have a clear opportunity, merge into the lane safely.

Yield Signs

Yield signs are used to tell drivers to slow down and let the oncoming traffic pass first. These signs are commonly seen on highways, roundabouts, and residential communities. It is necessary to pay attention to this sign because the oncoming traffic does not have a sign to stop. If you ignore this sign, you will be at fault for an accident.

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