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Gift Giving – Product Liabilities

Posted on : December 4, 2018

The holiday season is perfect for the kids. Majority of the kids love seeing the lights on the houses, endless holiday parties, and of course the gifts. You would think after wrapping up little Cindy Lou Who’s present was enough to make her happy – you have to make sure that the present wrapped is safe for the child to play with. Unfortunately, the holiday season calls for many product defects. More-so because of the high-demand in stores. Before you purchase you should always check for any product defect. Don’t know what you’re looking for? We listed a few defects you should check when you’re at the checkout line.

Design: Believe it or not, design can take a toll on a product. Design can cause injury and can be very serious in some cases. When dealing with a claim, you can show an alternative design that is more suitable and safer than the one on the product. For example, if you received a table with unequal legs – that calls for a disaster while you serve your food.
Manufacturing: This defect happens when the product has a malfunction the manufacturer did not intend. For example, the dangerous Samsung Galaxy and Note 7 explosion epidemic – did you think they intended their products to be these dangerous? The CEO recalled all phones as soon as he heard the news to fix up the damage before more lawsuits were made. They were already facing 2 lawsuits for their phones and one customer filed a claim against Samsung since his phone exploded inside his pocket giving him third-degree burns.
Disclaimer Failures: In all products, they have a little tag about warnings and/or instructions. Some products can be dangerous than some. If it doesn’t contain warning and instructions at purchase, you can file a claim if it causes you any injury. All products that are harmful need to have a warning label to discuss what could happen to the user – if it’s not obvious already.

With everyone reaching for different products and getting lost with all the “to-dos” and wish lists, make sure you check the product before purchase. Alternatively, always keep your receipt!

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