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Ginger and its Properties

Posted on : October 20, 2017


Ginger is one of the healthiest roots. It has many nutrients and bio-active compounds that have healthy benefits for your body.

Ginger can reduce menstrual cramps:

Studies have shown that woman who take 1 gram of ginger powder per day, for the first three days during their menstrual cycle can reduce pain effectively.

Ginger can help with morning sickness for pregnant women:

Ginger root has an anti-vomiting action that has been useful to reduce nausea and vomiting for pregnant woman.

Flu Relief:

Drinking ginger tea is great for you when you have the common cold. When drinking this tea, you will start to sweat out all the toxins from your body making you feel a bit better the next day. To make this tea you will have to slice a piece of ginger root into a hot boiling water. Add lemon and honey to make it sweeter.


Ginger has been found to treat osteoarthritis. Studies have shown that consuming ginger root can reduce inflammation.

Helps IBS syndrome:

IBS syndrome is irritable bowel syndrome this is a disorder that affects the large intestine. Some symptoms are cramping, abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea or constipation. Ginger root can relief some of those symptoms. When consuming ginger it relaxes the intestines during a flair up.

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