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Healthy Snacks For Those Netflix Nights

Posted on : June 28, 2018

healthy-snack-alternatives_path_webAfter binge-watching on Netflix until 2 a.m., it’s usually normal to get a little hungry from time to time. You’re probably still awake and bored. Maybe your stress levels needed a little more push. Even though during these times, people aren’t as active as during the day – the regular midnight snacks tend to be ice cream, candy and more. Most likely, you’ll pull out a bottle of wine as well.

We wouldn’t blame you. Mostly, we would join you. However, there are some alternatives to fill that belly and satisfy your hunger needs without turning to sugar and carbs.

Popcorn: That’s weird. Why popcorn? No wonder people recommend late night movies. Guess you’ll be munching on this while you watch Netflix. Even though popcorn has butter it is considered a low-calorie snack. With a little bit of shredded cheese, you will also consume tryptophan – an amino acid that can help you fall asleep.

Turkey Breasts: Build up on protein with a few turkey slices from the fridge. This also holds tryptophan to let your fall asleep. If a few slices does not work, you can always use it to make a light sandwich. Put ingredients that are also recommended for a midnight snack such as avocado and hummus.  Now that sounds healthy enough to intake before bed!

Milk and Yogurt: When you were younger, did your parent give you a glass of milk before bed? That’s probably because milk makes you feel full and satiated – giving you a sense of drowsiness before bed. It’s the same with yogurt. Yogurt has plenty of nutrients to keep your body happy. The calcium it holds cures your late-night alertness. It also has protein and probiotics that will keep your digestive system running – maybe even in your sleep.

These suggestions don’t have to be for midnight only. If your goal this summer is to shed some pounds, but don’t know what to munch on for your cravings, you can try these snacks. Yes, these foods do help you fall asleep but in other terms, it can empower your body to get up and move. Therefore, it keeps your body happy and healthy while you shed some pounds and make you feel more confident for being in the body that you are in.

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