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How Long Does It Take? Insurance Offers for Personal Injury

Posted on : December 8, 2017

Personal injury attorneys work through various areas of law, specifically auto accidents, workplace accidents, slip and falls, cruise ship accidents, dog bite accidents, pedestrian accidents, motorcycle accidents, and bicycle accidents. If you become involved in a personal injury accident, the first step is to seek medical attention. It is essential to obtain a physical assessment by a medical professional for various reasons. Firstly, a medical professional should assess your injuries, to assess if further diagnosis is required. Additionally, even if injuries seem minor at first, many injuries may worsen over time, due to high adrenaline at the time of the accident. Another reason why medical attention is essential is if you wish to file a claim in the future, medical documentation will be essential to prove the validity of your claim. In addition to seeking medical attention, dial 911 to call for law enforcement if you become involved in any type of auto, truck, pedestrian, bicycle, or motorcycle accident. It is legally required that police arrive and assess the scene of the accident, filing a police report. It is important to never admit fault for an auto accident, as this will label you at fault for the accident, and various additional factors may have caused the accident. After seeking medical attention, and calling for police if necessary, seek the help of a personal injury attorney. An effective personal injury attorney will have experience in your personal injury area, and work through the process to represent you, and obtain the compensation you deserve. After a successful lawsuit, the primary question is how long will it take for an insurance company to offer compensation for your personal injury case.


The answer to this question is dependent upon multiple factors, essentially what type of personal injury accident occurred, the parties involved in the accident, and the physical and emotional damages that are a result of the accident. The more your attorney can strengthen your case, the more the insurance provider will offer to settle your case. Typically, the demand figure set by your attorney, to the insurance company in the initial letter, is larger than the settlement your insurance company will agree to. This results in negotiation between your attorney and insurance company, which is extremely common in personal injury cases.


Generally speaking, it takes a few weeks to a few months to settle a case after the initial claim is stated. In smaller cases where damages are minimal, the case settlement may happen in a month or two. Additional factors that effect how long it will take to settle include:

  1. Whether or not the claim has been well-documented
  2. How clear-cut the liability is
  3. If another party was injured from the incident
  4. How agreeable your attorney’s demand is


In order to make the personal injury lawsuit process simpler and smoother, contact a personal injury attorney. When looking for a personal injury attorney, ensure they are experienced in your type of personal injury accident. For example, if you become injured one night while on a cruise ship, an experienced cruise ship attorney is essential, as cruise ship regulations and maritime laws are specific. Once you find an experienced personal injury attorney, ensure they work with you through the process, and explain processes as the claim progresses. There is no single, simple answer as to when your insurance company will offer you a claim, because various factors are involved. The more detrimental the damages, the longer it will take for an insurance company to make a claim.


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