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How To Jump Start A Car

Posted on : May 8, 2018

Whenever a person thinks about buying a car, they think of many factors — the look, the features, and the benefits. One of those benefits might be reliability. Many people want a reliable car that takes them from place A to place B with no problem. When a person purchases a new car, they won’t have a problem for a while — or maybe years if they know how to take care of a vehicle. To those who purchase a used car need to know the conditions before they fully invest. Does the car have enough mileage to drive on the road? Does the engine need to be updated? Should I invest in a new paint?

No matter what car you get, sooner or later it will show signs up retirement. One of those signs might be a breakdown — where the engine decides to stop working and create a standstill in the middle of the road, parking lot or wherever you were when it decided to stop. Hopefully, you stand by the rule to keep some jumper cables in the back of your car because you would need to jump start your engine in order to get back on the road.

Firstly — if you’re not in a safe area or disturbing traffic — put your car in neutral and try your best to maneuver to the farthest side of the road or in an area away from incoming traffic. In order to jumpstart your car, you would need another vehicle to gain juice from. Therefore, call a friend or family member that can come to your rescue. If you’re in a parking lot, you are in luck! You might find a friendly and trustworthy person who can genuinely help you restart your car.


Both cars should be parked and in neutral. They have to be close enough to each other in order for the cables to reach. On the jumper cables, there should be two colors: red and black. They also should be labeled with a positive and negative sign. Find your battery in your car. On the top of the battery box, there should be a positive and negative sign. Attached the red cable to the positive on both cars. Next, place the black cable onto the negative bolt to the good engine and place the other black cable on an unpainted metal — not close to the battery.

The car with the working engine should start the car and let it work for a few minutes. After a while, start the car with the dead engine. If it doesn’t work, check to see if the cables are placed in the correct areas. When it begins to run, try driving it out for a good 10 minutes before heading back on the road. If it stops again or it doesn’t work — the battery may need to change.

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