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How To Prevent A Boat Accident

Posted on : June 5, 2018

When the water is right, it’s the perfect time to chill at the marina and have a boat party. Matter of fact, a majority of marinas may issue events for members to attend, relax and enjoy the water. Nevertheless, the time to fish, dive, and embrace the blue waters is rising right above the horizon- that’s if the sun does come out. Even so, a little rain never scares fishermen away. Whether you’re waiting for some bait or relaxing on the water this summer, remember safety comes first! Here are a few tips to keep in mind, when you’re out in the ocean blue.

  • Read the ocean: It’s safe to say that the number one advice a person would give you when you’re out in the water is to understand the ocean floor. Whenever you drive a vessel into the ocean, it’s best to know where is the safe zone and where to avoid. You don’t want to hit the sandbar or the coral reef by accident. That would lead to a wrecked ship or a sunken ship. If you’re captain, you’ll probably go down with it – through your money bank. Avoid ship grounding by understanding the area you are willing to go too.
  • Don’t over speed: This comes as no surprise. Overspeeding with boats are one of the main reasons why there are accidents – especially when it’s night. Majority of these accidents do happen during night hours. Even though following your instincts are key, remember to navigate at a nice pace. You never know who’s lights are broken or maybe some hidden sea creatures below that you may encounter.
  • Always have safety gear: Make sure your boat has the proper equipment for emergencies, even for dire emergencies. You never know when your boat will start to sink and you need to pull out the life jackets. If you carry children around, make sure you have their sizes too. With safety gear, comes with safety parts such as canoe paddles and anchors. You never know if you’ll be caught in a small storm or if your engine decides to break down.

It’s recommended to have your vessel checked to see if it fits the general requirements of the state and federal regulations. Also, it’s best to quickly examine your boat if it has enough gas and suitable to be in rough waters.

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