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How To Prevent Lawn Mower Injuries

Posted on : July 20, 2017

Lawn mowers are a great device used to cut our lawns and keep our grass maintained. Though these devices make our yard aesthetically pleasing, they can be extremely dangerous when not used properly. There are several steps that should be taken while using a lawn mower to reduce the chances of injuring yourself or others. Here is how to prevent lawn mower injuries from occurring.

Wear Proper Clothing

Before you start up your lawn mower, you must make sure you are dressed appropriately. Lawn mowers have large blades that can easily cut you. They could also project objects such as rocks. When you go to mow the lawn, you should always wear durable closed toe shoes, protective eye wear, long pants, and gloves. Wearing flip flops is never a smart idea since you could potentially lose a toe. The less skin that is exposed the better protected you are from getting cut.

Never Leave A Lawn Mower Unattended While It’s On

Once you have turned your lawn mower on, you should never leave it unattended. Lawn mowers could easily move because of the force of the motor. Depending on the type of lawn mower you have will determine if it can move on its own. This chance should never be taken because it can roll off injuring you or someone else. If you need to get something, it is smarter to turn off the lawn mower or have another adult hold it till you get back.

Keep Children Away

Children should always stay away from lawn mowers. Kids can be very curious and put their hands in places like under a lawn mower. Make sure your kids understand that lawn mowers are dangerous and can cause serious injuries. Young kids do not understand the dangers of lawn mowers, so it is better that they stay inside while you cut the grass. Once a child is 12 years old, they can start learning how to use a push lawn mower.

Maneuver The Lawn Mower Carefully

When you are cutting your grass make sure to look both ways before making any turns. If you decide to go backwards, check behind you and keep your feet away from the lawn mower. There have been accidents where someone runs over their foot with the blade. Keep an eye out for any large objects that you may hit with your lawn mower. Rocks and sticks can easily go flying, injuring you or someone nearby.

Turn Off Lawn Mower Completely After Use

After you have finished using your lawn mower you must make sure it is completely off. Once it is off you can remove the grass bag, if it has one, and empty it. Never push a lawn mower over gravel, roads, and other rough surfaces. Not only do you risk ruining your lawn mower, but could potentially get hurt by objects that are projected. Make sure to never stick your hands in a lawn mower if it is on, as you could risk losing your hands or fingers. 

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