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The Benefits of Running

Posted on : July 19, 2017


We all know those people who are completely addicted to running. They would run marathons, triathlons, and trails. But, why do we run? What is so important about running that we feel the need to do it?

Runners love the feeling and energy that they get from running. Running helps to strengthen all muscles within your body. You may think that it’s only your legs that are getting stronger, but there’s more to it than that. You lose a lot of fat when you exert yourself through running.

Your heart is beating at such a rate that helps it to gain strength as well. After all, the heart is a muscle that allows the blood to flow through your veins and supply you with sufficient oxygen. Your lungs begin to strengthen because of the escalated rise in breathing through the exercise. Your body begins to adapt to this increased level of expended energy and thus you begin to develop efficiencies within your body to help you maintain the outflow of energy.

Your entire core builds from running. Your metabolism kicks into overdrive and your body begins to burn calories. With all these benefits, you may ask yourself, why don’t I run more? Get out there and get active!


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