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How to Share the Road with Vehicles When You’re a Bicyclist

Posted on : January 17, 2018

Riding a bicycle on the road on a sunny day is an amazing feeling, but imagine staying in your marked lane and getting hit by a vehicle. Bicycle accidents are some of the most common accidents compared to motor vehicle accidents. Bicyclists share the road with millions of drivers every day, and a marked narrow lane for bicyclists often does not always help to avoid accidents. Bicyclists should follow special tips to avoid accidents with motor vehicles

1.Avoid riding on the sidewalks.

Bicyclists should avoid riding on the sidewalks because it is only legal for children younger than 12 to use the sidewalk. Sidewalks provide bicyclists with more space, but could be dangerous because motorists are not able to see bicycles when crossing the street. Bicyclists have to be careful and slow down to see if any cars are coming.

2.Use front headlight while riding in the dark

If your bike has a headlight installed, then make sure it always on in the dark to prevent a motorist from running directly into you or hitting yo

3.Ride in the same direction as traffic always

Make sure to ride in the same direction as traffic so motorists do not have to change their course to avoid hitting a bicyclist riding on the wrong side of the road.

4.Wear reflective bright colors (i.e. yellow, orange) day or night

Wearing bright colors in the day or especially the night can help to save your life because all motorists are required to have their headlights on, which will allow your reflective or bright clothing to be seen in difficult weather or vision conditions.

Sharing a major road with millions of motorists is a privilege. As a bicyclist make sure to follow these safety tips to avoid getting seriously injured. Bike safe and stay within your lane on the road.

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