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How to Stay Safe Driving During the Pandemic

Posted on : April 21, 2020

While we’re mostly all quarantined, there are a few of us who are essential workers in the eyes of the government. It’s important we keep each other safe by doing our part in social distancing, disinfecting, and staying at home as much as possible! For those of us who are participating in work outside of the home, 411 Pain wants to share our important tips for while you’re on the road.


Bring your hand sanitizer into the car with you, as well as disinfecting wipes, gloves, and a mask. While driving, a mask and gloves are unnecessary but provide you with preventative measures once you step out. We never realize how easily germs can be spread until we’re in the midst of a pandemic and the awareness is forced into our conscious minds. So after each ride, disinfect high-touch areas such as the driver’s wheel, the gear shift, and the radio.

If you’re driving and stop to get gas, make sure to put on your gloves and mask before touching the pump. Once you’re done, properly dispose of your gloves. If you’re making a trip to the grocery store, make sure you have your mask and gloves on when reaching for your groceries, and wipe down the products before bringing them into your home.

Air Out Your Car

Coronavirus is an airborne virus, this means it is crucial to keep the windows cracked in between car rides. According to a new study, coronavirus can last on surfaces for up to 9 days, and in the air for about three hours.

Avoid Ride-Sharing (unless necessary)

If you have to take an Uber or Lyft, take the proper precautions. Wear your mask, gloves, and bring hand sanitizer. Do not sit next to your driver, practice social distancing as best you can while in a vehicle, and crack the window to promote circulation. 

If you’re a ride-share driver, disinfect your car every day, wear your mask and gloves, and keep sanitary wipes in your car.

Above all, do your part in following the CDC guidelines, practice social distancing, and stay safe! Remember, 411 Pain is still open during these troubling times, so if you’re involved in an accident- after 911, Call Path at 1-800-411-PAIN! 

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