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Justin Bieber Arrested for DUI and Drag Racing

Posted on : January 23, 2014

2014 hasn’t been great for Justin Bieber so far. A few weeks ago, he was accused of throwing eggs and vandalizing his neighbor’s house causing more than $20,000 in damages. That prompted police to raid his house in search of evidence that would tie him to the incident. News reports confirmed Justin Bieber has been spending his time recently in Miami with stories including him spending $75,000 at a Miami strip club. Days later, early Thursday morning, he was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence while drag racing in Miami Beach. Justin Bieber spent his night partying all over Miami Beach and by 4 a.m. he was arrested.

Justin was driving a yellow Lamborghini, speeding down Pine Tree Drive when police officers noticed he was drag racing alongside a red Lamborghini. He was driving double the speed limit. The cops had to drive a pretty long distance before catching up to him. Once they pulled him over, they gave him a sobriety test that he immediately failed. He resisted arrested without violence, but was also found to be driving with an expired license. Justin Bieber was taken to the police department where they will test his precise blood alcohol level to confirm the DUI charge. He is booked at the Miami-Dade County Jail.

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