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Main Causes of Boating Accidents

Posted on : November 17, 2017

Boating is a common hobby in Florida, as boaters can enjoy fishing, relax in pleasant weather all year long, and create lasting memories with loved ones. Florida is considered a boating mecca of the world, as the Atlantic Ocean allows boaters to travel to and from various tropical destinations. As more and more people enjoy the activity of boating, the number of boating accidents also increases, unfortunately. Boating accidents can occur for for various reasons, but the most common causes of boating accidents are discussed below.

Common Cause #1: Negligence

Negligence is perhaps the most common cause of boating accidents. Negligence is often displayed by the driver of the boat, and results in various unfortunate results. Negligence may include the boat driver not paying attention to where they are driving, or may be mistaken about navigation of the  boat. Whether a boat is cruising down an intracoastal or speeding in the ocean, lack of attention can cause collisions with other boats. Hazards may also be in the water, causing a boat to be thrown off-course. A delayed response to hazards, or speeding which limits reaction time, can potentially cause serious accidents with detrimental injuries and damages.

Common Cause #2: Speeding

It is crucial for boat operators to remember that unlike driving a car, there is no way to brake when driving a boat, which is a reason boaters should maintain significant distance between other boats. Operating a boat at high speeds leave no time for reaction to water hazards, other boaters, or other obstacles that may become introduced. If a boat driver is speeding, they may not have a proper amount of time to stop or veer, to miss colliding with a water obstacle, or another boat. Colliding with a water object is similar to being involved in a high speed automobile crash, as passengers can be jettisoned from the boat and into the water, or thrown onto a deck, resulting in serious injuries. Victims knocked off of a boat in an instant could be knocked unconscious, or even worse, drown.

Common Cause #3: Bad Weather Conditions

Bad weather conditions are a serious worry when riding a boat. Poor weather introduces various new obstacles that may not have been present previously. A sudden storm or poor judgement about an approaching storm can cause a boat and its passengers to be vulnerable once a storm hits. A large storm can cause the boat to become whipped by waves, damages from heavy rain and flooding, and cause difficulty controlling a vessel, making it nearly impossible to navigate accurately. As a rule of thumb, prevent driving or riding in a boat during harsh weather, to prevent a boat accident from occurring.

Boating accidents can happen for various additional reasons. Faulty equipment may be a cause of a boating accident, so regular inspections should take place before every trip on the water. Inexperienced driving is another common cause of boating accidents, as a new boater may not recognize signs of trouble, or lack the experience to make proper judgement calls. If you become involved in a boating accident, immediately call for help. The next step is to seek medical attention. Some boats are equipped with first aid kits, that may be used until boaters return to land, and can then seek help from a medical professional. Hire a personal injury attorney who is experienced in boating accidents, and who is eager to help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

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