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Monday Mood Booster: Part 8

Posted on : June 26, 2017

Get your week started by keeping some mood boosting tips in mind. A relaxed person equals a healthier person, so take note of these tips.


When life has you super frustrated, then dust off that yoga mat and turn that day around. Try to do the most basic poses to get into a more relaxed mode. Positions such as sun salutation and the mountain pose. Breathe deeply and enjoy taking the exercise as slow or as fast as you’d like. Even reserving 20 minutes out of your day to spend this moment on yourself is all you would need to boost your mood.

Take a Walk

Get outside and go walking around your neighborhood if you become to feel overwhelmed or stressed. Walking gets your heart rate pumping, your blood flowing and keeps your mind occupied to the sights and sounds around you. Take into consideration that there is life all around you and simply enjoy the moment. Taking a moment to recognize other things that nature has to offer is very freeing for your mind.

Read a Book

If you’re not able to take a walk into the great outdoors because of the weather or if you’re just not in the mood then try delving into a book. It could be light reading such as a self-help book to improve attitude or even a novel.

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