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Monday Mood Booster: Part 9

Posted on : July 3, 2017

We’ve got your weekly tips prepared to ensure that your week gets off to a great start.

To-Do Lists

Gather all your activities that you have set for the day and create a list. Make it easy to read and in a checklist form. Make it a personal goal to accomplish everything on the list. When you accomplish each activity check it right off. By keeping an organized list of all your accomplishments, you’re able to visualize the end of your day like a finish line.

At the end of the day, you’re able to view your list and visually see all of your tasks performed in a single day. This method can keep you motivated to get your tasks done and maybe you’ll develop a habit of this.

Wear Color

Swapping out those dark and dreary colors for a more joyful color has the ability to transform your mood. Psychologists have speculated that color can give your mood a positive outlook. Bright red, pinks and yellows are what you should go for. They stimulate your mind to enhance your mood. Dress your way to a happier day.

Choose Your Words

You have the ability to control your mood depending on the types of words that you use when speaking about yourself. If you talk down to yourself, you’re in the process of tricking your mind to believe all the negative things that you tell yourself. Common comments that are known for bringing people down would be: “I can’t do this”, “Nothing is going right” and “I hate the way I look”.

By using positive words, you’d be able to convince your mind to reflect those words on your emotions. Instead of “can’t” say, “can”. Use positive words in reference to your self-image and always say things in a glass-half-full manner. So instead of, “nothing’s going right”, tell yourself “Some things are going right, and others need a bit of work”. Being able to change up the way you choose your words is important for your emotions.

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