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4 Firework Safety Tips

Posted on : July 4, 2017

Today is Independence Day, or otherwise known as the Fourth of July. Many people will be spending the day outdoors with their friends and family in celebration of this American holiday. Once the night falls, you will begin to see fireworks light up the sky. If you plan on shooting fireworks on your own it is necessary to follow certain precautions to avoid a holiday accident. Fireworks are extremely dangerous and cause serious injury if not used correctly. Here are 4 firework safety tips to keep you and your family safe this Fourth of July.  

Never Use Fireworks Indoors

Fireworks are meant to only be used outdoors. Since fireworks explode, you need to light them in an area where they won’t catch fire. If you were to light a firework indoors, you risk blowing up your house and injuring those inside. After purchasing fireworks, make sure to store them in a safe, non-flammable place, where kids or pets cannot access them.

Light Fireworks in an Open Area

If you plan on shooting off fireworks, make sure to use it in an open area. It is never a smart idea to shoot off fireworks near homes, forest, cars, buildings, or under power lines. Fireworks can often malfunction making them shoot sideways or land on top of a roof. This can cause a fire and seriously injury those who are inside. Be safe and shoot off fireworks in an open field where there is no chance of damaging someone’s property

Don’t Let Kids Play with Fireworks

Fireworks are not kid-friendly because of how dangerous they can become. If you plan on lighting fireworks around kids, make sure that they keep a safe distance from where you are lighting them. Never let a child light a firework on their own. This could result in a fatal accident if they are too close to the firework when it explodes.

Small fireworks like sparklers and firecrackers are also not safe for kids without parental supervision. Though sparklers are less intense than other fireworks, they can still reach high temperatures and can burn kids. If your kids want to hold a sparkler, light it for them and carefully hand it to them. Make sure kids know how to hold the sparklers and keep it away from their body. Kids should never run or throw sparklers which could result in injury.

Never Light a Firework While Holding It

Every year there are hundreds of hand related injuries from fireworks. You should never light a firework while it’s in your hand. If you were to hold an ignited firework, you risk blowing up your hand or worse. Fireworks should only be ignited when they are stable on the ground. Once you light a firework, make sure to clear the area and stand a safe distance from where the firework is. 

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