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Motorcycle crashes: Who should we blame?

Posted on : June 28, 2013

Motorcycle crashes: Who should we blame?

Since motorcycles are the most dangerous types of motor vehicles to drive bikers are more likely to be killed in traffic accidents. With fewer states requiring mandatory helmets, bike accidents seem to have only increased over the past years. When gas prices increase motorcycle sales go up as well and vise versa. Call Path at 1-800-411-PAIN if you become the victim of a motorcycle crash.  

On July 1, 2000 adult motorcyclists were exempted from wearing helmets in the state of Florida if they have a 10,000 medical insurance. Consequently, there was about a 48 % increase in motorcycle occupant deaths.  Motorcycle helmet laws vary in each state. States such as Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Louisiana, Maryland and 14 others require bicycle helmets for children 15 and younger with some exceptions.  For example, in the state of Florida, safety helmets are required if under age 16 and ATV’s (All Terrain Vehicles) only. 

Warm weather during this season last year fueled bikes sales.  However, due to decrease in gas prices and cool weather motorcycle sales have decreased in the first quarter of 2013. Yet the number of deaths caused by a car accident has greatly increased since last year. In 2012 the total number of fatalities rose to 5.3%.  About 5,000 motorcyclists died in 2012, a 9% increase from 2011.
Make sure you watch drivers’ heads and mirrors, never get between a vehicle and an off ramp, keep a finger or two on the break lever and above all be noticed and be safe.  At 411-PAIN we support the community of motorcycle riders and encourage bikers to drive safely!

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