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Motorcycle Safety Gear: What to Wear

Posted on : June 15, 2017

Riding a motorcycle can be enjoyable, relaxing, and a lot of fun for those who love to ride. Many motorcyclists do not understand the importance of wearing safety gear. If an accident were to occur, protective gear can reduce their chance of a serious injury. Here is a quick guide on what to wear as a motorcyclist. 


Helmets are extremely important to keep your head safe while riding a motorcycle. When you’re in an accident or fall off your bike, your head is vulnerable to being hit. A common injury for motorcyclist who don’t wear helmets is brain damage. 

Also, helmets keep bugs out of your face. There is nothing worse when you’re riding than a swarm of bugs splatting against your face.


There are many protective jackets that are sold specifically for motorcyclist. These jackets are similar to armor and have protective padding to support the rider in case they fall off their bike. Another thing jackets do is protect your skin. Since jackets fully cover your arms and torso, you do not have to worry about getting any serious cuts if you hit the ground.

Protective Pants

It is never a good idea to ride a motorcycle in shorts or regular jeans. As many bikers know, jeans do not protect your legs well during a fall or accident. Once you slide onto the road, the jeans will shred in seconds which will allow your skin to get cut up.

There are specially made motorcycle jeans, leather, and textile pants for riders. These pants are made with protective material to prevent shredding or ripping during a fall. 


Your hands are often the first thing to become injured in an accident. If you were to fall off your bike you will most likely put your hands out to break your fall. This can leave you with deep cuts and potentially break your fingers. 

Protective leather gloves are made to give your hands support. Many gloves come with knuckle protectors and are waterproof.

Over the Ankle Boots

Wearing flip flops or sneakers on a motorcycle is a huge mistake. When you’re in an accident, your shoes are supposed to protect your feet. Over the ankle motorcycle boots provide your feet with a huge amount of protection. You won’t have to worry about any bones breaking in your feet, ankles, or potentially risk losing a toe.

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