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What is the Paleo Diet?

Posted on : August 16, 2017

The Paleo diet is a trend that taps into your ancestral background to provide you with the nutrition that is essential for your body to function efficiently.

This diet has the ability to keep you lean, energized and strong. You will be relying on foods that were eaten by your primitive ancestors. Therefore, it’s going back to your roots as a cave dweller.

The diet constricts you to relying on sustenance’s that were available in the hunting and gathering generation. This means that you would be able to eat meat, nuts, fish, vegetables, and seeds.

You don’t have to keep tabs on your caloric intake. Instead, focus on your portion sizes. Moderation is the absolute key to this diet.

This diet is quite challenging, but the end results could create a better and healthier lifestyle for you in the long run. Think of it as going back to your roots before the agricultural developments, refined sugars and processed carbs.

Genetically, our bodies respond positively to the basic food groups. The Paleo diet is encouraging ourselves to eat the foods that we were biologically designed to consume.

As with any major dietary change, speak with your doctor before attempting this diet.


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