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School Zone Safety Tips

Posted on : August 15, 2017


As the new school year begins, you may find that your morning drive to work has become a lot more stressful. More drivers will be present on the road during the school year, especially the first week of school. To avoid dreaded back to school traffic, you may want to consider seeking an alternate route. If you are unable to go another route, you must follow a few tips to get yourself to work on time and avoid getting into a car accident. Here are a few school zone safety tips for you to follow. 

Leave Early

If you’re a parent or regular worker, you must set your alarm clock to wake up earlier than usual. Most school traffic starts to get busy within 30 minutes before school begins. For example, if your local school starts at 8 AM, traffic will be heavier between 7:30 AM and 8 AM. Accidents and road rage are more likely to occur when you get stuck in this school traffic. If you know you will be driving through a school zone leave an extra 10 to 15 minutes earlier to avoid being late to where you need to go.

Stay Calm

School zones can cause a lot of frustration. Once you see the blinking school zone sign you may start to tense up. The speed limit in school zones is 15 mph, which is relatively slow in an automobile. This speed limit is put in place to keep children who are walking to school safe from speeding drivers. Though school zones can add frustration to your morning, you must keep in mind that they are a safety precaution that must be followed.

Watch for Crosswalks

Crosswalks are where many pedestrian accidents occur. At school zones, you will notice a crossing guard walking children across the street. Drivers who do not pay attention may ignore the crossing guards signal and run through the crosswalk. If you are in a school zone you must always pay attention for kids that may run out into the street without supervision. Eliminate distractions behind the wheel like texting, and keep your focus on the road. 

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