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Preventing Lawn Mower Accidents & Injuries

Posted on : March 5, 2015

Injuries sustained from lawn mowers send thousands of people to the emergency room each year. These accidents typically involve serious injuries to the hands, fingers, and feet and can result in reconstructive surgery. It’s important to avoid distractions when handling lawn equipment and to keep children safe.

Here are a few safety tips that may help prevent a lawn mower-related accident:

Use lawn mowers that come equipped with a control that stops the blade if you release the handle.

Never allow children under 12 years or age to operate a push lawn mower.

Never allow children under 16 years of age to operate a driving lawn mower.

Never take children for a ride on the lawn mower.

When mowing the lawn, wear sturdy shoes and avoid sandals or sneakers.

To prevent injuries from flying objects, remove any stones, toys or objects from the lawn before mowing.

Always power off the mower and wait for the blades to stop moving before making any repairs, unclogging the discharge chute, removing the grass catcher or when crossing roads or paths.

Never mow in reverse or pull a lawn mower backwards unless you absolutely must. If you must use the lawn mower in reverse, make sure there are no children in the path.

Never use your hands or feet when removing debris from the machine. A stick or a broom is safer at completing this task.

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