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Product Defect Liability – Why Should You Care?

Posted on : May 29, 2018

Believe it or not, there are many product defects that are likely to give you an injury. Sounds weird, right? You are probably asking yourself, “how can a product give me an injury?” There are several common product defects that happen. That’s why some lawyers have product liability under their belt to help you receive what you need in order to be at peace.

For that to arise, the manufacturer of a product would be liable for placing a defect in one of their products. It can also come down to the seller who recommended the product at purchase.

A recent product defect would be dealing with Kylie Jenner’s Cosmetics – or may we say the FAKE Kylie Cosmetics. As we know, Kylie’s brand has been taking over the makeup world. However, in 2016 there were reviews going online that her cosmetics resulted in inflammation of the skin and the lips. Ms. Jenner knew that wasn’t her brand, so she set out and found sellers on the streets of Downtown L.A. where they were selling cosmetics under her name. The difference? A few of the ingredients in these counterfeit cosmetics were mercury, arsenic and lead. A person was sent to the hospital for using one of these lip kits. Since she was young, her immune system helped her get through the infections- but it had affected her physical appearance and mental state. Therefore, Kylie made sure she addressed the public that her products are only sold on her website. NOWHERE ELSE.

Kylie knew that this was a legal issue. You should know too!

Some other common defects you may run into are:

Automobiles: You should always look after your car – especially if you’re investing in an older version and want to customize it. Before buying parts, it’s imperative that you’re purchasing products that fit your car’s qualifications and make sure that these parts do not have any fault. If a car part is not in a good standing it can lead to serious damage or injury.

Toys: When buying a toy, especially for young children, you should always look for a warning. Toys are labeled with specific ages for a reason. Many products have small pieces that chip off over time and can cause a choking hazards – which usually send many to the emergency room. You don’t want your child to go through that!

Medication: Did you know prescription medication has to go under testing in order to review if it’s dangerous or not. They have to be examined before it’s sold. If the medication has any side effects they need to be listed for the users to see. If not, it can cause a serious problem – like death.

It’s best to take precautions to products that you know can effect your health mentally and physically.

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