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The Juice That Makes Your Car Go VROOM!

Posted on : May 24, 2018

Imagine what’s under the hood of your car. Then, imagine the parts that rub against each other. Do you keep them dry? Absolutely not! If you don’t have a lubricant to keep your parts from burning up, what’s going to happen? A tragic accident that might lead your car to be on fire (and not the good kind). If it does, then you’ll be facing car repair payments.

What’s the lube for your car, you may ask? It’s the oil! The oil acts as a lubricant for your car parts to move smoothly-ultimately giving that nice VROOM sound. Now that’s nicer than hearing a broken down car. Different cars have different kinds of oil.


It used to be a rule of thumb that it’s best to change your oil every 3,000 miles or every 3 months. However, as technology advances so do car engines. Depending on your car you may be able to drive it for 7,000-10,000 miles before you change the oil. Though, you should check your manual for instructions. To keep your mind healthy and running, it’s recommended that you check your car’s oil at least once a month. Newer cars have it easier. The way cars are built now is with the technology to warn drivers if there are fluids low and need to be changed soon or immediately. Look after these warnings. If you have an older automobile you would have to check it manually. And in order to check your oil is with the dipstick.

How to make sure you have enough oil with the dipstick?

If you just turned off the engine to check your oil, keep in mind that under the hood it will be hot. When you pull out the dipstick, wipe off the excess oil and put it back in fully. You will see on the stick there will be an indicator whether it’s two dots, a max/min., a crosshatching or a high and low sign. If the oil reaches the indicated point or within the middle of the crosshatching or the two dots, you are safe. The original color has to be black or brown. If you come across a white color that might mean something is leaking.

Is synthetic oil needed?

Not really. Synthetic oil costs more than conventional oil-but with good reason. They are known to be more effective on resistance, which is always great for the car. It is best for cars that have residue issues. Synthetic oil has a different formula that reduces the build-up in the engine – making the engine last longer. Though, that doesn’t mean it is exempt from checking oil levels. It’s recommended to follow the merchant’s instructions when checking anything about your car.

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