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Four Health-Related Facts

Posted on : November 8, 2017

In the realm of health, there are always shocking revelations with every new study and development done by researchers. Keeping up to date with changes is often a tough task, but it can be interesting learning about new discoveries.

Here are a few interesting health-related facts that you can share with your friends and family:

  1. Drink Hot Beverages to Cool Down: It may sound like a confusing concept, but studies conducted at Ottawa’s School of Human Kinetics, have found that by drinking a hot beverage higher than your body temperature could help trigger your sweat response in your body. Sweat is our body’s way of cooling itself. Therefore, the hot beverage will allow your body to sweat more and allow for a quicker cool down.
  2. ATM Machines are Dirty: Specialists have conducted a study, which required swab samples from both public toilets and ATM machines. Through their investigation, it was discovered that both contained the same types of bacteria which could cause sickness. Take a minute to wash your hands after touching these machines.
  3. Daytime Napping: Taking a moment to catch up on some sleep while the sun is still up is not being lazy nor is it a bad thing. Studies have shown that napping during the day could help to improve your memory and decrease your risks of developing heart disease. Nap away!
  4. Brass Doorknobs: Brass door knobs contain copper, which is a natural bacteria killer. Schools, hospitals and large institutions rely on this metal mixture to help reduce the amount of bacteria in the environment. However, still try to keep your hand washing routine because it may help kill germs but the doorknob is not a miracle worker.
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