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Reminder: Be Aware of Commercial Trucks

Posted on : January 21, 2019

What do people HATE when they’re driving on the highway? If you said using your turn signal – you might be right, but we are not talking about that. We are talking about the monstrous commercial trucks on the road. Don’t lie, when you see these transport vehicles the first thing that comes to mind is to speed up. We wouldn’t blame you. You need to get out of their blind spot before they start inching towards your lane. However, there are other ways to mend the situation. Here are a few reminders on what you should do when you are driving beside an 18-wheeler.

Right Turns

If there is a two-lane right turn, mind the gap. Most likely, these vehicles need more room to turn. If you are directly at its side, you’ll probably end up on the curve or dealing with heavy medical bills. Be patient and generously leave room for them to take their turn.

Cutting Too Close

Never cut in front of a commercialize truck driver. One, they wouldn’t be able to see you since the front of their noses is considered a blind spot. Two, 40% of 18-wheelers take longer to slow down. You wouldn’t want your rear to be totaled would you? Try to leave a gap of 3-5 cars before merging in front of a commercial truck.

Beside Two Trucks is a Big NO

It’s already nerve-wracking when you’re driving next to one commercial truck. However, if you find yourself between two, that is call for disaster. Try to avoid this at all cost. If you have to get out of a situation like this, remember to use the farthest left as soon as possible. Speed us as much as the legal speed limit would let you in the safest way possible.

Keep in mind the best way to drive is when you are alert and cautious. Stay focus on the road and don’t drive under the influence.

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