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A Safety Guide for Back to School Biking

Posted on : August 18, 2017

Biking to school is a great way for kids to release energy and get to school on their own. Though biking may not be an option for everyone, those who live close to the school they attend can ride their bikes to class. Biking for kids can be a lot of fun but parents may worry about their child’s safety from their home to school. If your child wants to ride their bike to school there are a few important tips you must keep in mind before they ride off. Biking accidents occur every year involving children who are riding their bikes to and from school. It’s important to educate your children before letting them ride off on their own. Here is a simple safety guide for back to school biking.

Wear a Helmet

Helmets are a necessary step in biking safety. According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, 26,000 of bike-related injuries involve children who don’t wear helmets. Your children may not like the idea of a helmet because they may not be seen as “cool” or “cramp their style.” Safety is extremely important, especially when dealing with a child’s head. Helmets protect a child’s head if they were to fall or get into an accident. Make sure your child knows how important it is to wear a helmet anytime they are on their bike.

Ride a Kid-Sized Bike

Kids should never ride a bike that is too big for them. Make sure your child has a bike appropriate to their sized body. If your child has outgrown their bike, it is time to invest in a new one. The size of the bike is very important for children to properly maneuver the bike. If a bike is too big or small, their chances of crashing or losing control are more likely. 

Walk Bikes Across the Street

When approaching a crosswalk, children should always be following the crossing guard’s instructions and get off their bicycle. It is safer for kids to walk their bike across the street than ride them. When children ride their bike across the street their chances of falling and getting in a bicycle accident are more likely. By walking their bike across the street, they can take the time they need with full control of their bike. 

Ride with Friends

As a parent, it is always more comforting to know your child is with a friend than alone. Though the ride to school may only be 5 minutes away, you will still worry about your child getting into a bike related accident. Check to see if any of your child’s friends also ride their bike to school. Not only will this be fun for your child, but also give you a little relief knowing they aren’t riding alone. Make sure all the children are following proper biking safety protocol before letting them head off to school. 

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