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Texting and Driving and the Law

Posted on : July 30, 2019

Texting and driving accounts for more than one-fourth of car accident deaths in the United States. The act of texting while driving is notably the most common form of distracted driving and leads to fatal accidents, which is why it is now illegal in the state of Florida. On July 1st, texting and driving was voted to become a reason in being pulled over as a primary offense, as opposed to before, when texting and driving was a secondary offense. This meant that, in the past, you could not be pulled over for texting and driving alone, but rather only if you were doing another illegal offense and you just so happened to be driving distracted. 


This crackdown on the epidemic is aimed toward creating safer roads and less car accident deaths. Since 2012, the numbers of deaths due to texting and driving has increased drastically. This new law prohibits any form of use of an electronic device while driving- this includes texting, answering the phone, changing music through the phone, and anything else you can imagine that involves looking at your phone while driving. 


411PAIN encourages you to be safe while on the road and to take this new law as seriously as we do! If you’ve been involved in a car accident due to texting and driving, remember- after 911, call 411!

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