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The Best Ways to Avoid Gym Injury

Posted on : September 8, 2017

Exercising has various benefits, including accomplishing goals, releasing endorphins, and strengthening muscles. When working out at a gym, there is a probability of injury, due to poor maintenance of equipment or poor management. If you become injured, it may be difficult to file a claim against a gym due to waivers of liability, and most gym owners hire attorneys. In order to avoid gym injury and having to file a legal claim against your gym, avoid these common mistakes.

Lifting Too Much Weight

Many gym goers enjoy challenging themselves when lifting weights. Although lifting weights increases muscle mass and strengthens muscles, there are rules to follow to prevent accidents. If you have to jerk a weight in order to lift it, or you are unable to control a weight on its downward loading trajectory, do not proceed lifting it. Use lower weights that are more comfortable to lift to prevent muscle strain and injury.

Inadequate Warm-Ups

A warm-up takes place at the beginning of a work out, as a low-intensity, fast-paced movement to improve blood flow toward the muscles. Warm-ups also increase the temperature of the muscles, while improving mobility and flexibility. Warming-up is one of the most commonly known, yet commonly overlooked ways to avoid injury. Remember to warm-up every time you exercise.

Not Stretching

Similar to warming-up, stretching is often overlooked, but must be done every time you exercise. A properly performed stretch should help you relax and elongate your muscles, ensuring the body is performing at optimal levels. Promote muscular circulation and improve elasticity by stretching between sets, which will prevent injury.

Exercising Too Often

Exercising too often is too much of a good thing. Although experts recommend 150 minutes of exercise a week, plan rest days. Rest days allow the body to recover, muscles to relax, and glycogen stores to replenish themselves, eliminating the chance of gym accidents. 

Fuel Your Body

Food and water are essential for optimal performance when challenging the body physically. Proper nutrition gives the body energy to perform strenuous actions, enabling muscles to replenish themselves. Water lubricates the muscles, promoting strength and hydrating the body overall. Properly fueling your body decreases the chance of muscle strain, and thus overall injury. 

Working out has countless proven benefits, and it is an essential part of living a healthy lifestyle. The majority of gyms require members to sign waivers of liability and other forms to protect gym owners, in the case of injury. Prevent becoming injured at the gym and undergoing legal issues by lifting an appropriate amount of weight, warming up, stretching, taking rest days, and fueling your body. 

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