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What To Do After a Theme Park Injury

Posted on : September 6, 2017

In the U.S., states hold amusement parks to a high standard of care. Theme parks have a legal obligation to ensure their employees, premises, and rides are safe for visitors. If a visitor becomes injured due to a theme park’s negligence, the visitor has a legal right to compensation for injuries and the accompanying costs. If you are injured at a theme park, the following steps should be followed. 

Begin by collecting evidence. To succeed your insurance claim, you must prove the park’s negligence was the direct cause of your damages. Collect evidence to support your injury claim, and display it to the amusement park’s insurance company.

Report your injury to management by going directly to the ride operator and asking them to call for help. If your injury is severe, ask the ride operator to call 911. If your injuries are serious, do not minimize them. Seek the proper help, and remember it is better to be safe than sorry.

Talking to witnesses lends instant credibility to your accident claim. Eyewitnesses that you are not affiliated with are the best, because they have no financial interest in your insurance claim. Collect names and contact information of witnesses.

Record video, audio, and photographs. These forms of documentation will be some of the best evidence you can collect. Record the accident scene as it is relevant to your injury, with the date and time stamp turned on. 

File an amusement park accident claim with the park’s management. Even if you did not require immediate medical attention, it is important to document the incident. 

Hire an attorney. If you have serious injuries such as broken bones, burns, scarring, or head trauma, you need the guidance of an experienced attorney to help you get the compensation for the theme park’s negligence.

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