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Three Common Shopping Accidents

Posted on : November 27, 2018

With the holiday sales booming, the prices slightly plummeting down and crowds fleeing to the mall – shopping accidents will rise from its sleep. Believe it or not, retail accidents are more common than what people think they are. They are especially common in December – when many people get into their holiday cheer and shop till they drop. Here are a few common accidents when it comes to shopping:

  1. Trampling, Slip & Falls: Peak seasons are always the worst for massive shopping malls. Overcrowding is normal when it comes to this time however,  it brings an unsafe environment with it. When you are walking into the mall and there is a crowd ahead of it – be careful! Misbehavior may happen during this time and people may push and shove. Be alert and keep your children close to you. There are many times people have been trampled on, slipped in a wet surface or tripped on other obstacles while walking.
  2. Falling Objects: Stock clerks work to keep the shelves filled, however during the holidays it can be dangerous for them and to shoppers. Top shelves are not easy to reach and consumers don’t have a latter all the time. Plus, many people don’t want to wait for an associate to get the ladder and climb up (though you should, for safety reasons it doesn’t happen). Boxes and objects may fall on your head and may give you a concussion or give you a minor scrape. Not only should you watch your purse while shopping, but keep up with what’s over your head.
  3. Parking Lots: We know, the parking lot is filled! Even from 5 miles away you can’t find a spot. People are parking in tow zones and grass zones – and maybe across the street. No doubt, there will be several people walking on the road and several cars fighting for a spot close to the entrance. Be careful with this because vehicle collisions and pedestrian accidents are not prone to when the lot gets overcrowded. Don’t focus on parking when pedestrians surround you and don’t back up to quickly to get home. Always look at your mirrors and check while backing up. Many people accidentally hit another car or hit a person. You don’t want that on your record, now do you?

The moral of the story is to always be alert. Put safety first when it comes to yourself and your love ones.

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